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Nantong Changqingsha Shipyard Co., Ltd. is located at Jiangsu Rugao Port, which is one of the top ten ports of China, the north wing of Shanghai International Shipping Center and the first class ship repair and building base of China. Water transportation here is very convenient, forming a connection between the north and the south. It is a shipyard mainly engaged in ship trading, shipbuilding, ship repairing, steel structure processing, and anticorrosion of metal structure, etc.

We have formed a relatively complete building system of ships from 5,000DWT to 60,000DWT and from 500TEU to 3,000TEU. We will focus on strengthening production design capability and reducing berth combination cycle and underwater installation cycle in the future.

Through modern shipbuilding modes, the Company refines all management items and each process flow of the production process, and promotes technology, management and institution innovation, so as to improve core competence of the Company in an all-around way. Adhering to the operation principle of “good faith, high quality, and win-win”, the Company provides “continuous, efficient and fast” service to customers to build a high quality service brand.


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